Be Creative

In my planning this week, I’ve done a bit of creative work. I love design and making things and just do not do enough of it, I know this. So finally being able to put something together that I will find useful and will help me build healthier habits is a huge plus and I’m really pleased.

The first thing is a calendar template. Each month I’m going to come up with some goals and schedule my workouts and map out the plans to achieve my goals for the month. They might be as simple as washing my face every night before bed, but they will be the foundation of the healthy habits I want to build on.


Isn’t the general rule of thumb that it takes about a month to form new habits anyway? It’s perfect.

The second useful thing I’ve created is just a list to remind me of the things I can do each day to make my life healthier. I’ll aim to do them all, even if it’s just for a few moments, each day. Reflection is key here.


I thought about what would make me more peaceful with myself at the end of the day and came up with the list.

  • Workout
  • Eat Clean
  • Drink Water
  • Fresh Air
  • Read
  • Sing
  • Socialise
  • Be Thankful

I feel more often now that days are slipping by with no real purpose or use – just me getting up, going to work, cooking, reading, telly… over and over. It’s mindless and numbing and that isn’t how I want to live anymore. I’m going to try to be more mindful and alive. Proactive about what I’m experiencing, rather than just going through the motions. Enjoy my life and what I’m doing!

What things give you peace each day? Tell me in the comments!