I’m used to having weird dreams, the majority of my dreams are the most bizarre things I can possibly imagine amplified times a million, but this morning I had the craziest dream I can recall in ages.

I was travelling to the States to go visit someone and for some reason I can’t comprehend I had to fly to the States then back, then to the States… to fly to the States. Confused yet? Yeah, me too. Anywho! I was at the airport and boarding the plane for the first leg of many and I suddenly realised – I hadn’t packed!

After a huge panic and debating whether to get off the flight, go home, pack and then catch the last leg of my very odd flights I noticed the time. It was about a half hour before the last leg of my journey took off, so there would be no way to get packed and then back for the 2 hour check in. (Crazy, I know.) So I was in the midst of deciding whether to give up and go home or just stay on the flight and get my husband to send me clothes when I woke up.

How. Fraking. Bizarre.

Considering my intense interest in psychology (I wanted to be (and still do/wish I had) a Psychologist up until the time I actually went to college when I promptly decided to change to something computer related…) and especially dream interpretation, I always look up what my dreams mean.

The whole airplane theme was apparent and based on that there are few things I gained about this particular dream and my current frame of mind/situation. I’m feeling helpless and trapped, held back in some way, and disconnected from something (all TRUE) but I will overcome my obstacles by gaining a better perspective/wider view on the situation. (Interpretation taken from Dreammoods.)

Sounds like good advice really. I also got a fortune cookie today! Which said I will get a windfall soon. So apparently things will be looking up? 🙂

Today was good. I surprised myself today and it made me really happy. I need to venture out of my comfort zone more often. I did Insanity. I stuck to my food plan. I had two coffees and they made me hyper.

I’m looking forward to the weekend when I’m out with the wonderful ladies I work with, it will be an amazeballs night I’m sure!

I’ll leave you with a few pics from the day.

My view on the way home! The weather has been crazy, absolutely pissing it down with rain one minute, bright sunshine the next. And so windy. Crazy.


And my not-too-bad dinner tonight was chicken stirfry with bean sprouts and Teriyaki sauce. I think it looks prettier than it actually tasted though…


And on that note! Hope you all have a lovely day/night/whatever for where you are. <3