Insanity 15 Day Fit Test

Today I had my 15 Day Fit Test! I was really pleased with the results. I did at least the same, if not better on every move.

Move Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2
Switch Kicks 86 88
Power Jacks 34 34
Power Knees 80 101
Globe Jumps 7 9
Suicide Jumps 4 5
Push-Up Jacks 4 11
Low Plank Oblique 26 39

Suicide Jumps are a killer, I still can’t do them and Power Jacks are just EVIL.

In the measurements department I did pretty good too. I lost a total of 15 inches and 0.8% body fat. Not bad going for 2 weeks of hard work! 🙂

This is the BEST example of a non-scale victory as well. With the great inch and body fat loss, I was up weight wise by almost 4lbs, due to water weight. I’m still motivated because I’m seeing amazing results overall and that is the most important thing.


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