2012 Inspiration Board
2012 Inspiration Board

Here is my Inspiration Board for this year.

There’s a lot LESS on it this year compared to last year’s board.

I decided insteading of just making a collage of everything I want to do EVAR… I would focus this year on a few things that are important.

Complete Insanity – If you’ve been reading lately you know this is a biggie with me right now. I’ll complete the whole thing on Feb 19th and I can’t wait to see the final results! And I look forward to doing it again (and again and again) possibly throughout the year. I’ll wait and get through it once then see what I want to tackle next.

Spend more time outside – This is a no brainer. I know I watch way too much telly and sit at my computer or stare at my phone far too much than is needed. I want more fresh air and less screens this year.

Spend more time with Hubby – This goes hand in hand with spending more time away from screens, we watch telly and game together all the time, but I want more time away from that with him. To enjoy his company and if I can get him more active then that’s a big plus! ๐Ÿ™‚

De-stress and avoid breakdowns – While this isn’t something I have complete control over, I want to acknowledge when I’m feeling headed towards something bad and I need to learn to talk about it with someone so I don’t meltdown.

Saving & paying off debt – This is a biggie for both me and Hubby this year. Our focus is on getting as much paid off as possible this year and being in a better financial situation for things to come.

Find a new job – Self explanatory really! I haven’t been happy in my current company for a very long time and this year I’m going to change that. Would I like a lot more money? Sure. Would I like a dream job of flexible hours and hardly any travel? Sounds great. Unfortunately those things probably won’t be happening this year. I just want something I can be happy doing in a friendly environment. A bit more money would be nice too, to help with all that saving, of course!

Bike – I so so so want a bicycle. Santa didn’t bring me one, which is fine. I will have one ready for the Spring to go riding when the weather isn’t threatening to blow me away in a gale.

Build up Fitness, lose fat & build muscle – I want to feel strong and fit. I know that if I focus on that I will be healthier and happier and the weight will drop off as a result.

Eat clean, more fresh fruit and veg, protein – This year I’m going to re-vamp our diet to include a lot more fresh, local and seasonal foods where possible. I’m also going to crack down on my sweet tooth, instead of giving in every time I want something sweet, I need to find fresh, healthy replacements to satisfy my craving with.

Basically this year is all about preparation. Financially, physically and mentally preparing for the future. I’m done being hung up about my body and I am going to work on things that make me happy and give me confidence in myself. I’m going to need it ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Good luck!!! I have some of the same goals; however, I can’t really call mine goals without them having some kind of start date or deadline. lol.

    1. They are still goals, just long term/on-going/indefinite ones?! I always have ones that never seem to end… or in some cases start!