We’re off to see the wizard…

London this time of year is absolute mayhem. So. Many. People.

Our weekend didn’t get off to the best start, when we were ready to go to the train station Hubby’s car decided it would refuse to start. Not a nice way to start any day. 🙁 We managed to get it moved and my car out and off to the station we went, just missing our train – we watched it pull out of the station as we paid for the parking!

Finally made it to London and the hotel and got upgraded to a suite, it was lush 🙂 We chilled out briefly before heading out (a bit late) to attempt to find the Mexican restaurant, El Camion, which I had booked a table for at 5:30pm. Picadilly Circus was CRAZY at nearly 6pm when we finally got out of the tube station. Thankfully we found the tiny restaurant after a shortish walk and got in.

The food was good, Hubby wasn’t terribly impressed, but I thought it was great. I ended up with a pomegranate margarita and tacos with grilled fish. Hubby had the burrito with chicken tinga and salad, rice and black beans, which we shared. The fish tacos were exactly what I wanted, I had 4 small tacos in soft tortillas with grilled fish, onions, lettuce, salsa and guac. Splashed a bit of hot sauce on and YUM-O.

We had a mad rush to eat and get out of there from running late. The Wizard of Oz started at 7:30pm and we had to be at the theatre and seated before then! We managed to get out of the restaurant at about 6:45pm and then had a short walk to the London Palladium. Inside we went and had amazing seats, 7th row, isle nearly right in the middle. The show was amazeballs. The costumes were beautiful, the actors brilliant, and the dog that played Toto totally stole the show during the last scene when Dorothy wakes up. Snow falling from the ceiling during the poppy scene and the Wicked Witch of the West coming out of the ceiling directly above us were excellent finishing touches to an otherwise incredible performance.

Today we managed to get into Harrod’s which was a total ‘mare. Why I thought that would be a good idea I have no clue! We only wanted some turkish delight – a few years ago we went and they had an amazing counter full of different gourmet varieties. All we could see through the millions of people (that’s how it felt anyway) were chocolates, fudge and lots and lots of truffles. So no turkish delight. It was so packed inside that we decided not to bother trying to get or look for anything else and we headed back to Paddington and had some food and waited for our train.

Finally home and after having some yummy risotto and a few Krispy Kremes (ugh!) I’m more than ready for a good night’s sleep in my own bed before the last week of work before Christmas.

I can’t believe it’s Christmas a week from today. Crazy…