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Inspiration Board
2011 Inspo Board

There is my 2011 Inspiration Board.

There’s a lot on there, mostly about health, fitness and life balance. I’m not sure I achieved everything I set out to this year, but I feel strongly that I’m in a better place than I was 12 months ago for sure.

Some specific highlights:

  • Spend more time with family and friends – I did a lot of that this year and I’m happy I’m getting out and doing more on my own with friends, rather than being attached to Hubby all the time.
  • Create a more peaceful home – I’ve tried to get some done with this but didn’t get very far! I did redecorate the bedroom and that is by far my favourite room in the house now.
  • Do plank for 1 minute – I actually accomplished this in March and am very pleased with sticking to the abs classes at the gym. My core is stronger than it’s ever been and I’m able to drop and do plank now, when 12 months ago I couldn’t do it at all!
  • Find a new job – I didn’t do this this year, but I did look and go on a few interviews. This is going to be a top priority for 2012!

Overall I think I’ve focused a lot more on my health this year and I feel stronger and more balanced than ever, even if I don’t have the weight loss or perfect life to show off – yet!

I am working out what I want to focus on for 2012 and will be doing a new inspo board in the coming weeks so will post that in the new year.