An Insane Christmas (Eve)

Happy Holidays everyone!

I bet yesterday was the most unproductive work day for people who actually had to work. I spent the majority of my time in the office doing some testing on our newsletters to get the spam score down. Not a very easy task when your content is all sales, finance and money based!! ๐Ÿ™

Hubby even managed to leave work early and was home not long after me after I spent an hour in the pub having a Christmas drink with a few colleagues. We then delivered all of our Christmas cards (finally!) and had a little walk along to look at the (famous) Melksham Longford Road Christmas lights.

I had a super early night last night and didn’t get up until 10am this morning. It was heaven not having an alarm! Poor Hubby had to venture out to the shops to get some last minute stocking stuffers for me while I did my first round of Insanity of the day. I just finished my workout and he was home, a quick outing – especially on Christmas Eve to do shopping!!

I was then confined to the kitchen while he wrapped everything (apparently 3 stockings worth!!!) and I cleaned the kitchen while listening to Michael Buble’s christmas album. I do love his voice, so timeless!

So everything is wrapped and under the tree, waiting patiently for tomorrow morning! The kitchen is clean waiting to be filled with the smells of Christmas dinner (gammon, not turkey) and after a few episodes of telly, I did my second round of Insanity for the day.

Why on earth would I subject myself to TWO Insanity workouts in one day?

I didn’t do it last night because we were out and then I was too full from dinner to do it and I want tomorrow to be my rest day. So today was last night’s workout and today’s workout so tomorrow I can rest and enjoy the day.

This morning I did Plyometric Cardio and then this afternoong Cardio & Resistance. What I found with both of them is that they are easier the second time! Not by much, but I found I could do more of the warmup non-stop, more of the moves in the circuits without collapsing and I am definitely more flexible during the stretches.

One move I just can NOT do? Moving pushups. I have trouble with normal pushups, let alone adding to them with complicated things like that!!

But I’m still in it, I haven’t weighed or measured or anything and I’m tempted to just wait until the fit tests to do any of that. Being able to do more of the workout is a good thing, so I’m happy I’m progressing.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. ๐Ÿ™‚