Inspiration & Motivation

If you know me or have visited my blog before you know this: I’m trying to lose weight. It’s my main focus and I write about it a lot. During this journey I’ve discovered others with the same goal. Bloggers writing continuously about our goals, frustrations and victories regarding the scale.

I’ve recently come across one blog in particular that has been a huge inspiration to me and a great source of motivation. Tyler, from, has lost 125lbs in less than a year. His site gives me an extra push to work a little harder. It’s not something I can fully explain but it’s a nice feeling – being motivated again.

Tomorrow is my regular weigh in with my doctor. I’m 99% sure I’ll be up from 6 weeks ago and I’m incredibly frustrated. So I’ve prepped and printed out everything I’ve managed to log since I saw her last. Unfortunately I was totally lazy about it and have only logged the last 2 weeks in earnest. I’m hoping she will give me some insight and tell me what I can do differently.