We Could Live Beside The Ocean

Following on from my previous music post I had a bit of reminiscing when Everclear’s Santa Monica played.

It immediately reminded me of a hot day at the beach, with one of my ex-boyfriends and a few of his friends, driving around and singing it at the top of our lungs. I was still really shy back then and all of us loving this song helped me to open up a bit more. Oh and my dad knew nothing of them being there so I felt quite proud of myself for that. Not sure why.

Sorry, Dad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I remembered seeing Everclear live at the Boat House in Norfolk. Best. Night. Ever. Still one of my favourite shows because I managed to get quite close to the front for a little bit. I loved it so much.

So that totally helped with my run, 4.5 out of 60 miles done! I tried (and very nearly succeeded) to talk myself out of running tonight but decided I can’t set goals and then not put the work in. What’s the point in that? So I did my bit tonight and started. I know I can do this I just can’t accept any excuses and that is really the hardest part of this challenge.

Tomorrow’s weigh in day. Honestly, I won’t be surprised to see a slight gain. I wasn’t brilliant over the weekend food wise, but I did work out Saturday. And for the next 2-3 weeks I’ll probably be up anyway. One of the glorious perks of being a female. ๐Ÿ˜

By the way. My new favourite food? Ryvita with cream cheese, chicken or turkey and loads of salsa. So yummy.