I’m So Productive

Or really, we are so productive. Hubby and I cleaned the whole house with the exception of the office over the weekend. Full blown clean, not just surface. We also rearranged our bedroom so there’s a tiny bit more room now. I even went through the closet and have bagged up 2 full bags full of clothes to take to the charity shop and I got rid of 5 pairs of shoes. 5!!!

Tonight I worked out. I ache a bit now and am totally tired but I’m counting on that tiredness later when I need to sleep. I made some yummy shredded chicken with peppers and fajita seasoning with a great salad and chili and jalepeno wraps. These days the spicier the food, the better it seems!

Seeing as I fell off the exercise wagon last week it’s going to make it a bit harder to hit my 60 mile goal for the month. Unless I do 3 miles a day everyday until the end of the month or something. We’ll have to see how that goes. 3 miles isn’t a huge amount, but I’m sure every single day isn’t the best idea.

I’m glad I have a great Hubby who helped with all the cleaning and who totally puts up with me when I’m uber grumpy from lack of sleep and exercise. <3 u lots! 🙂