Life Just Gets in the Way

That’s how I feel this week. Every good intention I had just flew out the window. I haven’t been sleeping. Every night it would take me 3-4 hours just to get to sleep and the next day I would be exhausted. Work is so crazy busy it’s unbelievable, it’s never been like this! And the house? It’s a total mess. I’m not kidding. I don’t even want to be here it’s so bad.

I believe my not sleeping has caused me to be way to stressed out and very grumpy this week, which has led to a lot of other things. Not exercising for one. I feel crap from all the stress and bitchiness and not working out, but because I’m so tired I have the energy for nothing.

It sounds like a lot of excuses, and you know what? They are. I know I’d be less stressed (and probably sleeping better) if I had exercised properly this week. I’m letting everything get to me lately and I want it to stop. I understand what I’ve done wrong this week and next week I will take steps to ensure I don’t repeat them.

Last night I finally got reminded I had sleeping pills in the cabinet! So I had some and slept all night. It was heaven. I felt a bit better today, still grumpy, but better. This weekend we will be cleaning the whole house. I’ve gotten to the point where it needs to be done, I can’t find my favourite jeans for crying out loud! So there will be a lot of cleaning after we go to Bath. We will have a lovely lunch at Las Iguanas, which is my favourite restaurant ever here, and walk around the shops for a bit. I have to admit it will be nice to get out of the house, we haven’t gone out other than for errands and food shopping for ages.