A few countdowns.

43 days until we go to Spain for a week.

98 days until we see John Mayer in London and then spend a long weekend in Brighton.

45 days until the clocks change and hopefully it will be warm!

I’m not doing great, mentally or emotionally. I’m not sure why, but ever since the beginning of the year things have been different or off in some way. I need to come to grips with what the heck is going on with me so I can get past it.

For now, I’m incredibly thankful I am not alone dealing with it. I always remember when I was on my own, depressed and stressed. Being alone made it a lot worse, there was no one to make me smile, give me hugs or just be there for me. I’m glad that’s not the case now.

I was good today, I totally resisted the cakes in Starbucks! There is always something to celebrate, even when things are dark.