I’m making tiny changes to the site, like the new menu bar! In the coming weeks I’ll be working on getting some writings together and put them up and I just need to organise the majority of my photos in one place so I can link that.

This weekend has been a hugely lazy 1.5 days so far and I’m feeling relaxed and less stressed out now. I’ve managed to catch up on all the telly I’ve been recording and start a new book, Son of Perdition by Wendy Alec – the third book in the Chronicle of Brothers series. I’m very into trilogies lately and sci-fi definitely likes its trilogies, so I’m never lacking!

The weather report during the week mentioned snow for this weekend, but it’s been very sunny and mild. It’s quite nice actually, if it was a bit warmer it’d be perfect. Our flower pots in front of the house are starting to bloom, I tried to take a photo yesterday but my phone didn’t save it so I’ll have to try again later. It’s a reassuring sign of Spring looming and I can’t wait!

In pursuit of this month’s amended monthly goal I’ve finally linked my Analytics account to here so now I can track things. I also was able to teach myself something new, not SEO related, but I learned how to create animated gifs at work last week. I had to create an advertisement for someone’s website so figured I may as well learn.