Holiday ETA: 26 Days

Not long now before we head back to the States. I’m getting more excited as it gets closer but still feel overwhelmed by everything that should happen between now and then. At least I can now update my list from before:

  • I will get up at 6am on weekdays. (Started doing this this week!)
  • I will run 3 times every week. (Am still doing this, yay!)
  • I will exercise (other than running) every weekday morning. (When I get up…)
  • I will put the clean washing away when it is dry – not let it hang out until we wear it. (All washing was put away last night and tonight the dry stuff from yesterday gets put away!)
  • I will do the washing when I have a full load, instead of only at the weekends.
  • I will make sure the recycling goes out when it needs to. (I made sure Hubby put it out :))
  • I will plan healthy meals and stick to the plans. (Having Jillian Michaels recipes this week, they are YUMMY)
  • I will get my Christmas shopping done by the end of November. (Only have 6 presents left to buy!!)
  • I will clean out the garage. DONE!
  • I will do 15 minutes of cleaning each day, rotating through rooms.
  • I will ring my mum! DONE!
  • I will celebrate my birthday without trepidation or horror. (Lots planned for this, a night out, friends coming over, movie night with Hubby and a birthday party in the States that I’m not allowed to know any details about!)
  • I will wash my car.
  • I will have the Christmas cards ready by December 12th. DONE!!!!!

I feel a little bit better about having gotten some of these things under control. I’m especially pleased the Christmas cards are done (the envelopes just need addressing) and with all the presents nearly done. Last week I finally had a doctor’s appointment with a proper weigh in after 3 months of wackiness on my body’s part. Anyway, with minimal loss she recommended I read Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin and listen to the CD as Paul recommends. So I read it and have listened to the CD a few times (although it should be daily) and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the difference after listening to the CD.

I listened to it twice last Thursday and afterwards felt so optimistic and energetic! The energy lasted throughout the whole weekend and I was eating consciously and really well and doing great work outs. I had lost 3lbs on Sunday! I listened to it again today and will start doing it every day. I was 208 on Sunday. With only 8 lbs to go before hitting that magic number I’m trying to push for being under 200 by the time we go away. It will be a miracle if it happens, but it’s entirely possible because I haven’t had any loss for so long. I’m running – training to do 6 miles by the 22nd (OMG!) – and walking loads while catching up on all the telly, plus Jillian’s circuits in the AM.

Now if only I could get a handle on the house! We are away this weekend to visit my brother-in-law and his family so I’d like to leave Saturday morning with a clean house to come back to. I’m really glad I don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving!