This month just gets better and better.

And yes, that is complete and utter sarcasm in the title.

I’m fighting my usual Autumn depression, due to this being my absolute favourite time of year and missing VB during it. It’s been multiplied by Hubby working late nearly every single night the past few weeks and not getting home until after 9pm most nights – if he actually comes home at all. Just to top it off, I’m sick now! I came home at lunchtime yesterday and have been either on the sofa or in bed ever since. I can’t sleep anymore and hurt from not moving a lot, etc, but still feel so crap.

There are things that used to cheer me up when I was feeling like this, but I don’t have access to any of them anymore. A quick trip to the beach or my favourite music. I’d have to drive 2 hours to the beach and I can’t get into the server with the bulk of my music on it. Sigh! Instead I’m listening to the new Paramore album, which is really good and I’ve got Gilmore Girls DVDs to watch. I’m nearly through Season 1 (for about the 5th time).

At least Thursday brings a new month, hopefully it will be better!!