A New Challenge

OK. As I mentioned yesterday I made a decision. I decided I was going to enter a race for next year. I started searching for a suitable race to enter, a 10k most likely.

Then I found the Bath Half Marathon. Then I decided I would run it.

It takes place on Sunday March 7, 2010. This gives me 5 months to get ready to run 13.1 miles. I’ve never run more than 3. So I’m devising training plans and researching what’s best. I’ll be continuing my 10k training program until I complete it at the end of November then staying at that distance until we go on holiday. I’ll be running while on holiday over the holidays and on the 29th of December, while we are still on holiday, my half marathon training will commence.

Why would I want to run a half marathon? Good question. My initial reason for running is weight loss. It’s the best, easiest exercise there is and has the most health benefits. I want to keep myself motivated to run, so that I don’t give up. Without a specific goal in sight I tend to lose interest and motivation. My goal for after the race is that I will keep running, for my health and continued weight loss. I’m not running this race to lose weight, although I hope I do keep it going down over the course of my training, I’m running the race to show myself I’m not the same as I was. I can be proud of what I’ve accomplished this far, but I will be even prouder to have done this.

I have plenty of time to prepare myself for this run. I’m excited and scared and nervous about it but also quite proud that I’m pushing myself this way. This is one of the many things the old me never ever would have even thought of attempting and here I am, not just wanting to attempt it, but knowing I can do it and looking forward to finishing it.

So I’m learning about what foods to eat, how much water to drink and how to do this safely so I don’t injure myself. There’s a lot to take in and a lot to consider. I’m determined to do it right so that I enjoy it and am able to do it again!

Oh and I’ll be running for Cancer Research UK. Two of my grandparents had lung cancer and it seemed the obvious choice. They had a huge impact on my life and this is just a small token, something I can do to hopefully help someone else’s family.


2 responses to “A New Challenge”

  1. I found your site through blogher. I’m a new runner too. Good luck getting ready for the half marathon!