This past month has been hectic, challenging, stressful, crazy and frustrating! For 3 weeks I couldn’t do any strength training due to my arm injury and that had a huge impact on my weight loss for those weeks. Last week I started it again and was on track, then today I’m back up to what I was a month ago. WTF? My weigh-in is tomorrow evening, which just makes matters worse. An evening weigh-in is awful! Especially when I tend to be 1.5-2kg up from whatever I am that morning and the doctor’s scale weighs you about 1kg higher than any other! Can you say “CRAP!”?

So I’m doing everything in my power today and tomorrow to get back down. Tonight I have to say I’m thankful my husband is working overnight, because it gives me time to focus and have a good, long workout. Then I can relax with a bath and collapse into bed and pray that the number is down tomorrow morning.