SparkPeople New You Bootcamp (4th Jan – 31st Jan 2009)

I started the New You Bootcamp today. It basically consists of a 10 minute cardio workout from the site every day, plus 30 more minutes of cardio 5 times a week. I did the video today twice, they are so short it feels like no time at all and it was kickboxing, which I love.

As I am bloated and my boobs are swollen (thanks to my being a female) I didn’t bother with measurements today, but my starting weight (as of yesterday, 3rd Jan) is noted as 99.7 kg (219 lbs). I suppose a realistic goal will be to lose at least 4 lbs, I’m hoping for 6 lbs.

Today begins 4 whole weeks of working out every single day and not having food that is awful for me! Just to motivate me even more, the GAME party is on the 30th and I see my doctor on the 29th.

Good luck to me! 😀