Things have been little more than hectic lately. My husband’s dad’s mum passed away right before we went on holiday for a week. We went to Manchester, saw the Foos, did a bit of shopping. I (finally) got my citizenship application sorted and sent (and has now been paid for and I received the acknowledgement letter yesterday!). Work is odd right now, I have these projects but they are sort of in limbo while we wait on orders. Our holiday put me off my sleeping habits somehow and last week was spent trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern! Now this week I’ve started a Couch to 5k running program with my boss, so I’m still knackered!

I have today started Project 365, which is basically where you take photos every single day and one will represent that day. I’ll be posting my photos here and you can see them by clicking the Project365 link in the top right. I’ll upload my first one tonight when I’m home.

I’m looking into “e-therapy” because I think maybe it’s a good alternative to actually going to see a therapist, I’m always much more comfortable on-line than in person, and I have always felt that I would benefit greatly from it, but don’t want the hassle of going through my GP (whom I’ve never bloody met). If I can find a reasonably priced one that sounds trustworthy I might do it.