I’m in one of my “funks” (I don’t think of it as a mood). Things at work could be better, would be better if I was allowed to do my real (new, wonderful, great) job instead of my old (crap, horrible) job. It’s important for it to get done and I understand it, but that certainly doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it! It also means that because there is so much that needs to be done for this particular thing, I get to work over this holiday weekend to catch up. I did “volunteer” to do it over the weekend, but only because there’s no other way of it getting done in time, so it’s not like I had a choice!

On top of that there is my citizenship application, which I am getting frustrated about. I wanted it sent off by the end of May and that won’t be possible now so I’m getting fed up. This is the last stage of my move here and I really want it to be done, especially before the government changes the rules about applying.

Other stuff… I don’t know. Everything is just so IMPORTANT at the moment and it’s quite stressful and I’m not used to being under all this pressure. Hubby is working this weekend too, but in the office so I have time to myself at home, which is nice. I think I won’t do work today but rather enjoy the sunshine – it was meant to rain all weekend and should start soon! I slept in (which I needed) until 1pm and then laid out on my hammock for 40 minutes, which was lovely. I need to do some bits around the house, go shopping, have some “me” time and then tonight is Eurovision. Should be a laugh. Maybe I’ll find a drinking game for us to play!