Yesterday Hubby decided it would be a “worry-free day”. It was good, we spent the first half of the day in bed then the second half watching TV, playing games & computing. We did tidy the kitchen, mainly because he put Babylon 5 or Primeval or something horrible on that I refused to watch! It helped me although I didn’t get anything done I wanted to, but as he pointed out, it can be done another time!

I decided over the weekend that I will not be applying for citizenship this year. There are changes that are being made to the process in March/April that will inevitably make it more difficult anyway, on top of the other stuff I’d like to accomplish this year I don’t need the added stress or worry. And we really can’t afford it! So maybe I will at some point, but for now I don’t see a need for it as I have ILR and unless I do something really horrible I should never have any issues.

Oh, and have I mentioned cars suck? *nod* OK. It’s making a weird noise which we have been told is either the drive shaft or the wheel bearings. I already have to get the exhaust replaced and am really not looking forward to finding out how much this will be as well!