So apparently I worry too much. Everyone does, with the exception of children. When you’re an adult everything has to be worried about it seems. Money, relationships, work, cars, health, children, food, house, etc., etc., etc.

Do you ever just want to scream, cry, throw something, SOMETHING, ANYTHING to make it all stop? I do. I have all this worry inside of me and it’s mostly always about something that I have no business worrying about in the first place, but that sure as hell doesn’t stop me! Currently it’s about this whole year. Hubby and I decided we would start TTC in November. But we have so much to try and sort out before we do that and so I worry. I mentioned today that maybe I don’t want to do it then, it’s too much to try and do this year. I nearly broke down and cried there in the restaurant. Hubby said to stop worrying and I can start worrying in October and we can decide then if we are ready.

It’s so scary thinking of being a parent. I’ve always wanted kids, but now that it’s on the verge of happening… I’m not so sure! Kids nowadays are such brats, every time we go out and there are kids around we just look at each other like ‘FFS I’m glad we don’t have to put up with that!’ I know it will be different when (if?) we do have our own kids, but still! I like my life with Hubby. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it wouldn’t be so bad to NOT have kids, as long as I have him. I guess we’ll wait until November and see what happens.

In the meantime I have Foos, CAKE and FoW to cheer me up. Hubby is feeling like he’s getting ill so went to bed early tonight. It’s very rare he goes to bed before me, I wonder what to do with this time to myself before I go to bed!