Feeling Muddled – My First Trip to the US in Over 2 Years

I was very excited and also very worried. Worried it would not have changed and excited to see if it had. I’ll start at the beginning…

Part 1: Virginia Beach

It was unseasonably warm and absolutely gorgeous! Staying with L was a LOT of fun (Baby Jaguar!) and seeing everyone I used to work with was wonderful. Hubby and I spent a morning at the beach – it would have been a nice sunrise had it not been cloudy! – and the meanie that he is, he made us walk the WHOLE boardwalk and back (a total of 6 miles). I’m glad he did though 🙂 We went shopping. Lots. We had a great time and I was astounded (and a little disappointed) that it was still mostly the same. I really miss it and everyone.

Part 2: Thanksgiving

We went on to my Gram’s and spent the Thanksgiving weekend with my family. It was awesome to see everyone! We managed to rest. We did a bit of shopping, but could have done without it! We met with someone else I used to work with, which was nice! Overall a very relaxing 4 days. I wish I could have stayed longer, I definitely will next time. The morning we left we had breakfast with my mom. Saying goodbye to her in the parking lot was really hard, neither of us wanted to let go. I miss her so much.

Part 3: Washington D.C.

DC was really great. The drive up was nice, too. We went through the Shenandoah Valley (which cost $15!!). If it hadn’t been raining and cloudy it’d have been better, but we saw lots of deer and it was rather pretty up there. I love going there! My husband isn’t as interested in the museums as me and as there was so much else to see I didn’t make him go to any! We spent a day in the Air & Space museum (the macho one), though. We walked. A LOT. We saw most of the monuments/memorials. We had a very odd mexican meal. Hubby has determined the White House is piddly (which it is). It was nice to be on our own, but busy.

Overall a hugely successful trip shopping wise. Seeing friends and especially family was absolutely wonderful. I miss everyone so much! It was not nearly as horrible as I was expecting it to be and I truly do miss it. I was just starting to have a life there and be happy and I moved away. The decision to move had been made before the other things happened, but I tend to feel that it’s unfair somehow. I can’t feel that way! It was my choice and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I DO like it here and I hope that I can start to feel free from what used to be now and focus on what is. I think THAT will be my goal for 2008.

And… I think I need less than 2 years between seeing my family. Need to work out how to do that.