A Lot All At Once

We dog sat last week for my in-laws. I love Foxi. 🙂 He slept with me and hubby slept in the spare room! It was fun having a doggie around for a few days, but so tiring!

We are going to the US this weekend. This will be the first time I have been back since I moved over in 2005. It’s been pretty much all I can think about for months and now that it’s so close I’m more scared than excited. It’s given me a whole new bundle of things to worry about like what if I miss it? Really miss it? More than I thought, so that when I come back to the UK I’m miserable? It’s all stuff like that.

On top of my multiple unstable mentalities this has probably been the busiest few weeks I’ve had at work for a loooong time. I’m scrambling to get things done before I go. I don’t think I have much more to do, which is reassuring. I just have to keep people from trying to give me other projects!!