Weird & Scary Dreams

This morning I had an awful dream. I returned to the States, back to my old apartment (but the first one I lived in not the last one I lived in) and was going back to my old job the next day. It’s nighttime and I’ve just bought food and put it all away in the kitchen. There is a sticker on the fridge that says someone has been there and gone through my things. It unnerves me but I continue with what I’m doing. I watch some TV and go back to the fridge for a drink and notice that someone has opened a pack of jello and messed with it. I know there is something wrong, someone in the apartment. I start in the master bedroom, looking on the bed & then in the closet. It’s very dark and I notice needing more light, but no matter how many lights are on it’s always too dark to see properly. I’m saying to myself I need to find a weapon, something I can hit the intruder with, like a baseball bat or something. I go into my bedroom next, which is full of clothes from unpacking. I look in the closet (which is very dark) and the intruder says “Meee” and I scream and shut the doors to try and lock him in.

I woke up frightened beyond belief and made my husband check the house for people!

Then after that sleeping snuggled up to my husband I dreamt about another threatening persona, this time a ghost. It was terrorizing me and a friend of mine. Then in the middle it became my husband and he was dead, but given the chance to spend 5 days with me before moving on. We spent the remainder of the dream moving around the country/planet we were living on having really good sex.

On a completely unrelated to dreams note, it’s bloody FREEZING!