The News…

I’m a bit slow with news as I usually don’t pay much attention to it as it’s all bad anyway so what’s the bloody point? Last week a Hindu prayed at the Senate. This has, OF COURSE, sparked huge debates everywhere. From what I’ve read so far (which admittedly is not a LOT, but is quite a bit) I’ve only seen a handful of comments saying it was good and disagreeing with the masses who think it’s an abomination.

Yes, America was founded by Christians – Puritans who fled England because they didn’t agree with the CoE and to escape religious persecution. It has always been my understanding that the reason for America was to let people believe whatever you wanted and to NOT be persecuted for it as the founders were for their beliefs before they left England. Obviously people seem to have forgotten this over the years.

I have to agree when I read comments about freedom of religion, but only if it’s Christianity. This is now what the founding fathers wanted for America. They wanted a place where not only they could worship as they chose, but where others could as well! Hence freedom of religion on the Bill of Rights.

In the very short 200-odd years since they were around America has really fucked itself up. I was watching V For Vendetta the other night and have to say it was not impossible (in fact, it was very probable!) that the US will end up like it was there – a place in complete ruins led there by its leaders. Not very far off now are we?