I did my Life in the UK test on Friday. I studied my arse off for it and then didn’t get any hard questions!! I feel like I was conned out of something because really, most of the questions I actually got were just common sense and isn’t the point of a citizenship test to make it more difficult to become one?! Oh well, I passed and it’s one less thing to worry about now, which I’m thankful for.

In weather news, Summer is no where to be seen this year! It’s still cool here, we had a few warmish days back in April/May, but over June/July that’s all gone away. It feels like Spring did in the States and I still feel like just taking a drive down to the ocean front, then I remind myself that I can’t as it would take me hours to get down there! It’s been raining like mad and floods are everywhere. We had to go through some pretty bad spots on Friday to get to my test. Luckily we aren’t in a bad flood area and my thoughts are with those north of us who are.