Yay For Summer!

Summer has finally arrived in merry old England! This past weekend was absolutely wonderful, sunny, warm, gorgeous! It was so nice that I was actually in a mood to get outside and do some yardwork! I cut the grass and strimmed the edges (without Hubby’s help, lazy bastard!). Then we got out the table and chairs and I sat out in the sun with a drink while he cleaned the BBQ so we could have some food. We ate outside (something we rarely do!) and just enjoyed the nice weather. Then once it cooled down a bit we set to work on the little area behind the gate. It’s a kind of nook that is perfect for the green and black bins and gets no sunlight so the grass has long since died and it’s just a bunch of dirt. I’ve been slowly digging out the dirt and heaving some of the slate from the front in there to make it a bit better. We finished up one half of it and put the lining down then scooped all the slate from the other side onto the lining. We’ve loosened the dirt on the other side now we just need to haul it out and get more lining and then cover that bit with slate as well.

This “gardening” wave isn’t over yet, though! I bought 3 pots to go in the front of the house a few months ago but have not bought any plants to go into them. We had a quick look on Saturday and I saw some very nice hydrangeas, very much like this one. I liked them very much, but wanted something a bit more interesting really. I’m glad I waited! I went to B&Q on my lunch break today and saw a load of Celosia plants. I bought 6 of these. They are small, which is why I bought 6, I can get 2 into each pot. They are annual plants, though, so I get to try my hand at proper gardening when they go and see if I can’t get something out of the seeds!!