Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God

I’m currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. By “currently” I mean in between other books (like re-reading HP books before film and new book) and when I have time and/or feel like reading. I’ve been “currently reading” it for a while now!

ANYWAY! It’s very thought provoking in my case. I used to be “religious”, i.e. I went to church on a regular basis, was part of a youth group (this was when I was a young teenager), participated in the church quite a lot, and was baptized. Although I did all of these things (and very much enjoyed them!) I never really gave myself to it, if you know what I mean. I didn’t act Christian the rest of the time.

I would like to think that had I stayed in Florida and continued on that path I would eventually have given myself completely to it, but alas! I moved away and have not been to any church since. During high school I started to doubt Christianity and God. I became open to other religions and beliefs. Becoming open-minded about these things brought me further away from Christianty because while Jesus taught tolerance and love to all, organized religions do not teach this and prefer the “my way is the only and best way.” Now before anyone comments on this, I’m painting all religions with a very broad brush here and I do know that not everyone holds this view, but in general terms this is what I’ve found.

I’ve gone off on this tangent now… anyway the reason for this post was to say I’ve got an idea for a piece of writing. It will take a while (as I’m not finished with the book yet!) but I keep having thoughts on it and then forget them. So I’m now writing them as they come and hopefully I can put something together one day that will help me figure it all out. More later…