Cars, Licences and Why I Married My Husband

My last post was pretty indicative of my mood throughout the whole weekend. A few incidents didn’t help to make it any better…

I realized on Friday that my registration and car handbooks, etc (basically all the important stuff!) wasn’t in my car. I’m sure the people at the garage just didn’t put it back in, and if that’s all it is I’m OK with that. Saturday morning I got a letter from the DVLA (the UK’s version of the DMV, but much, MUCH worse!!). Since March 2nd when I had to take a day off of work to go to the “local” office (an hour away is NOT local) to submit my application for a provisional licence I have now received two letters from the DVLA with my application returned to me. The first time was due to some inept being losing my photo. How one loses a photo that is supposedly *attached* to my application is confusing to me, but OK. The letter advised me that since my marriage certificate was already checked I didn’t need to resubmit it. The letter on Saturday requested again that I resubmit everything, including my marriage certificate as my name is different on my passport (the whole reason for the marriage certificate having been looked at already and marked off on the application AND mentioned in the letter that I sent back to them why it did NOT need to be returned – can these people not read?)!! I was (and still am a bit) livid.

Now on to the reason why I love my hubby so much. He, the wonderful man that he is, rang the DVLA for me, numerous times, trying to get through to the person (or so I assume) who sent me back my application. I suggested he perhaps try to get through to customer services instead, and he did. He’s sorted it for me! He’s dictated a letter to me (have I mentioned I love him?) that I must post to a certain person in the DVLA, explaining events and that we have been told to send ONLY the application and my photo as everything else has been seen and is not needed.

This weekend has not been the best. I have had this constant feeling the past few weeks that for some reason unknown to me I’m not allowed to have any luck. I never get a break, it’s always one bad thing right after another, right after another, ad infinitum… I know my life is better than some, but it’s not meant to be so hard ALL THE TIME. When the hell does it get better?

The one thing I DO have luck with: Darren.