Going depressive.

Things aren’t good. This weekend was supposed to be easy. Saturday clean the house and get organized, go to the post office and send xmas cards and pressies. Sunday go to the cinema and shopping in Bath.

Instead… Saturday race to Swindon with MIL to meet a hungover husband and pick up computer + monitors from Shitty Link because they fucking suck ass and decide to try delivering the parcels at 8 bloody 45 in the morning, while I’m showering. Then spend rest of day making a huge bloody mess (instead of CLEANING) while hubby puts stupid PC together for his mother. No going to the post office because we were busy racing to/from damn Swindon all morning. I did manage to drag hubby out to shop a little bit and I did cook a nice meal that night. Sunday we did go to the cinema and shopping in Bath. Although by the time we got back from Bath we were both in absolutely horrid moods. We argued over what to eat and never had a proper meal. When he left me (knowing full well I was upset) to work on the bloody PC again I got more upset. This led to a lot of crying and me finally asking him to put me before work + his mother just a little bit over the next two weeks.

So. I still have a really messy house and am NOT fucking happy about it. We did finish 98% of our xmas shopping, though. Just his dad and him buying me pressies left to go. I did find a pair of trousers very close to the original ones I wanted, but they are a tiny bit too big (I’m hoping the wash helped there). Hubby did say that he would get his boss to cover for him Thursday – Sunday this week so that we can have some peace for my birthday. All I fucking want is ONE weekend where things go OK and we aren’t interrupted by a major crisis at work or his parents’ house. Obviously that is way too much to ask for.

Oh and I’m also not happy about not being with my family this holiday season. I want to go home where there are people I know and things are open all day on Sunday. Fucking British!