Merry X-Mas

Well today marks the first Christmas I’ve spent 1) in England, 2) with hubby (and married for that matter!), and 3) away from any of my own family.

1) Christmas in England is not much different than Christmas in the US. The UK has Christmas crackers and not so much Christmas TV. I miss Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf! And A Christmas Story!! Aww.

As for being married at Christmas, it’s nice to have someone to spend the day with, even if they are absolutely hopeless at getting you thoughtful, romantic gifts. This also means that you’re now a part of their family as well and so get lots of gifts that you wouldn’t normally receive! Especially if they are like my in-laws and get you each separate gifts instead of gifting the both of you as a couple. Score!

Being away from all my family is a downside, but seeing as I now have this new family it wasn’t so hard. I still missed them lots, though.

Overall, my Christmas was very nice. Lots of presents, food, good company and sudoku! I did have a migraine in the middle of it all thanks to alcohol and being ill still, but otherwise I had a very nice day. And now… with 5 minutes until Boxing Day, I think it’s time for bed.