Childless Women interview promo

Getting outside of your comfort zone is good for you, right?

Anyone that knows me well enough knows the thought of doing any kind of public speaking terrifies me. There’s a reason I have a blog and don’t do videos – I’m not comfortable in front of a camera and writing is definitely my forte.

So when an opportunity came up to share my childless story with a wider audience, I enthusiastically told myself it was good for me. But it was way, way out of my comfort zone!

I know the content by heart, of course, it’s my story and I’ve written about it so much and talked with family and friends about it probably enough to bore them with it. I was still nervous doing this, because it was a new thing for me, but I did it and it’s finally out in the world!

I can hear the nervousness in my voice, but I’m really honoured and happy to be able to share my experience with a wider audience. Sharing our journeys with one another is what connects us. If just one person finds this helpful or useful for them then it’s worth it.

And if you’re new here, welcome! I’m erratic at best even when I try to be consistent and that’s really the best description of myself there can be…