you gotta swim

You gotta swim

In my last post I mentioned how busy it’s been and it’s still going! So when I haven’t been busy working, cooking, or meeting up with family and friends I’ve been catching up on some much needed rest. Forced to have rest more like, thanks to getting the flu a few weeks ago! Thankfully I’m feeling much better now and I’m only left with the lingering dreaded cough and asthmatic bronchitis from days long past.

At least I’m a pro at handling the cough but it does mean I’m exhausted lately, moreso than I have been since I was anaemic a few years ago!

I’m yearning to read more and the stack of books I have from my time off recovering is still waiting. I knew I wasn’t in the right headspace then to deal with now being childless not by choice (CNBC) and it feels like now I’m ready to start slowly sorting through it and finding my new path. I’m also learning just who is actually supportive, “friends” trying to make me feel guilty for going through this just prove one thing: those “friends” don’t belong in my life.

I’m still swimming through, keeping my head above water and even when it feels like I’m just treading water, I know I’m still doing better than I could be. Positivity is absolutely the key for me when I’m feeling tired and low.

So it’s not all doom and gloom, even if the weather might be!

We are going on holiday soon and taking our extended best friend family with us! All of us are really looking forward to going. And I’m also on the hunt for some other holidays to book to ensure we get some proper time off work this year that isn’t worrying about cancer, surgeries, or making tough decisions. The only decisions I want to make on holiday are how many laps I’ll do that day and how many caprioskas I’ll drink!