What makes you happy?

We were on holiday the week we officially found out what we already knew, that the hormones weren’t working and I wasn’t even close to being cleared for fertility treatments. I had prepared myself for that as much as I could of course, but being told it officially made it real.

I’m glad we were away that week, we got to spend time together and chill out and just enjoy each other’s company while we made the decision. We had a massage, we walked around in nature, albeit not as much nature as we had hoped, we had great food and way too much coffee.

And we started thinking about the future. The future without kids we thought (assumed?) we would have one day. We made a list, or rather, I made a list that hubby contributed to! A list of all the things we (or I) want to do now that we are not putting everything on hold. Things that will make us happy, things we have always thought about doing but haven’t yet, things we want to work towards.

It’s not a short list and it’s not finished by any means, we will always add to it even as we tick things off. I have visions of it becoming something more than it is currently, not a ‘to do list’ or even a ‘bucket list’ but more of a way to keep us from stagnating! Adventure and (some) spontaneity make life fun and interesting and that’s what I hope our lives become.

I won’t share the definitive list but there are a few areas that I feel like are the simplest things to work on to keep me in the moment and grateful for everything I have and that make me happy that I want more of:

  • Travel! I have destinations galore I’d love to visit and explore.
  • Exercise! We’ve started this already and I’m so happy we are doing it together. I have a couple of specific goals (maybe a marathon? tough mudder? triathlon?! who knows)
  • Nature! A lot of things on the list are just simple – watch more sunrises and sunsets, look at the stars, go for a walk or a hike, spend more time near the ocean.
  • Family! Since we won’t be expanding our own little unit we will have more time to spend with our extended family, spoiling our nieces and nephews!

There’s other random stuff too. Food I’d like to try, concerts I want to see but the overall goal I’d like to achieve from making this list is just to enjoy life more and appreciate where I am and what I have, wherever I am in my journey.

If you made a list right now, what would be on it?