The C Word


I have cancer.

There, it’s out there.

Before I get into it, I AM OKAY. It is NOT life threatening or fast spreading. It’s just a tiny bit of cancer. No biggie.

Now the facts.

I have what’s technically called endometrioid adenocarcinoma (basically endometrial or womb cancer). It is Grade 1, Stage 1A. It’s early – my MRI is clear, there is no mass of cells and it hasn’t spread beyond the endometrium (lining of my uterus).

This is all GOOD NEWS. Very good news, given that I have cancer.

The reason I found out so early is because we have been trying to conceive for the last two years. Last summer we started the ball rolling on seeking fertility treatment through my doctor and I had a lot of tests as part of that. I was formally diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in November and was sent for ultrasounds in December.

The ultrasounds found a number of cysts and the possibility of a polyp in my uterus. It was advised that I have a hysteroscopy to investigate the polyp and have it removed. I was referred to a fertility clinic for further PCOS/Fertility treatments and we decided to have a private consultation to see about getting a hysteroscopy quicker.

The surgeon was onboard with the need for a hysteroscopy, not only to determine if I have any polyps but also to see if I had hyperplasia as some of my symptoms were leading to this diagnosis. I had the hysteroscopy in February. No polyps were found and tissue samples were taken for biopsy. The follow up appointment with the biopsy results was scheduled for 24th March.

On the 12th March we had a phone call that the surgeon wanted to see me the next day and didn’t want to wait until the follow up appointment next week.

We went in and that’s when he told us the findings from the biopsy revealed things had moved further along than his initial thoughts of hyperplasia, and into endometrial cancer. He ordered X-Rays, and MRI and blood tests. I had an MRI last week (on Mother’s Day) and then we saw him again today for the results and findings from the Southampton and Bath cancer boards.

Southampton Hospital’s options were: hysterectomy. Bath Hospital’s options were more fluid. Basically there are no rules and we can do a number of things, suggesting progesterone treatment and then follow up scans to see if it’s working.

We have agreed with our surgeon that I will do progesterone treatment, starting now. In May I will have another hysteroscopy and biopsy to see if there is any improvement. If there is I’ll continue taking the progesterone for another three months and then do another biopsy to see where we are.

If at any time we find that this treatment is NOT working, it will be time to talk about having a hysterectomy, but considering our wanting to have a child, ideally me carrying that child, we are happy with the results we’ve had today and the opportunity to have the treatment and see how it goes for now.

So for now, lots of positive vibes and hard work to make sure I am fighting fit and ready to take on anything!