Has it really been a month? I guess I do have a habit of letting time slip away from me, especially between writing!

This year has flown by, and I’m trying to think about all the things I wanted to happen this year versus what has actually taken place. I was hoping for a vastly different year, but life takes unexpected turns sometimes and leads you down a different path.

When discussing plans for a family at the end of last year I thought this would be the year we’d do it. I am definitely more pro-baby than my somewhat-still-reluctant husband and at the start of this year when I decided we needed to move out of our “half a house” into a proper one to accomodate this imaginary family he jumped at the opportunity to put it off a little longer.

Thus started our somewhat crazy year. We quickly found a house we loved and then just as quickly decided to go for the bigger house instead. We sold our little house that was my first and, for just over 9 years in the UK, only home here. We found a rental that in the summer was fantastic, but now in the winter – when we were hoping to have already been in our new house – is cold and drafty! I’m not complaining promise, it’s just a set back. One of many this year.

So we are in our holding pattern, waiting for the day we get our keys and can move into our proper house which will be filled with babies and family and love. Lots and lots of love.

Thus my hopes and dreams for 2015 are big – just like our new home will be.

I normally take time off over Christmas & New Year to take stock and organise. I haven’t done that this year so I don’t have as much time for it as I’m used to. But I’m still thinking about what I want to do in 2015, what changes I’d like to make and how I’d like to start the year.

I haven’t done my inspiration board yet, but I will do it this week. A lot of my intentions this year revolve around keeping healthy habits and breaking some bad ones I’ve gotten back into.

  • Swapping out coffee for smoothies in the morning
  • Kicking my caffeine habit
  • Limiting sugar
  • Eating more real food, drinking less alcohol and soda
  • Working out regularly NO MATTER WHAT
  • Getting more fresh air
  • Write more

We had a quiet Christmas and, as usual, ate too much and watched too much telly. I’m at the stage where if I have any more sweets, cake, cheese or heavy, rich foods I will be sick. I threw all our leftover turkey and gammon into the slow cooker with loads of veggies and stock last night for a good, hearty and healthy stew. I can’t wait to get home and have a nice hot bowl!

My birthday was celebrated quietly as well this year. Hubby and I spent the day together, taking care of my car (service & MOT) and going to the cinema and having a meal. It was nice and just what I wanted.

I’m thankful for a quiet December this year and hopeful that next year is drastically different in many ways.


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