This week will be all about easy. My slow cooker will get a lot of use! Chilli, my own ‘mexican mess’ creation, and stew feature on the menu.

Weather be damned, I will have winter comfort foods! It may not feel like much of a winter outside thanks to the mild temperatures and rain, but it’s winter in my heart. <3

I completed my second Fit Test for this round of Insanity yesterday and compared the results to the first round I did two years ago. I’m pleasantly surprised that my numbers are much improved for most of the moves! Even with doing a bit less jumping this time due to my knee, I still feel like I’m making progress. That’s the most important thing.

The current schedule means I’ll finish Insanity 4 days before going on holiday! Perfect timing and it’s keeping me focused on the task at hand: doing my Insanity workouts and eating healthy most of the time. I’m very much looking forward to spending a week in a resort and not worrying about anything but whether to hit the beach or the pool.