10 days ago I posted a round up of my first week in my 6 week plan. Out of the last 10 days I’ve spent the last 5 not following that plan…

Hubby and I went to London last week for three days during which time, thanks to a happy accident of leaving it at home, I did not have my phone or any link to the online world other than my husband.

We spent the night in Islington and had some debate during our trek to find the hotel. We passed this little mexican restaurant and ended up having a delish dinner there on the way to seeing Andrew McMahon live at Union Chapel, which was beautiful and moving and so lovely and worth the grumpiness we went through to get to the hotel (in my opinion!).

Then we spent the night at Heathrow and since there’s just not much to do around there we spent 5 hours in the bar drinking and eating way more than we should have and poor Hubby was feeling very fragile and sick the next morning.

But the reason we were at Heathrow? To meet one of my dear friends from the States! She arrived early Friday morning and spent the weekend with us. We picked her up, drove home and I hugged my phone tight, but wasn’t glued to it for the weekend. I used it less than I would have normally, because I wanted to enjoy my time with my friend. We visited Longleat, Bath, the pub and spent Sunday in London where we found a street food festival and walked around the city. She flew back to the States early this morning and we trained it home to enjoy our Bank Holiday before returning to work tomorrow for 3 days before we are off on another adventure.

One of my goals on my (still unfinished) inspiration board this year is living in the moment. I have touched on this a few times in the past and it has become increasingly more important to me. I love technology and everything it allows us to do, but I loathe it for what we allow it to take away from us. More and more you see groups of people out and not speaking to each other. Their heads are down as they each stare at a glowing screen of some description.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become so transfixed by things we read on a screen or trying to get that perfect photo to capture a “random” moment that we miss the life and moments happening all around us!


When I look back on my life I want to remember things I experienced, not things I learned about on my phone or computer. So I try to use these things less when I’m out doing, being, living! I want memories, and sure I like taking photos to help me remember the special times, but I’ve stopped obsessing about taking photos of everything I do so I can post it online to prove I was there and did it. I know I was there because I experienced it fully! And that means more than my facebook timeline or twitter feed.

So the last 5 days my computer has been turned off, for 3 days I didn’t have a phone – but didn’t need one because the one person I would need to contact was with me. I enjoyed the serenity of Union Chapel as Andrew McMahon told stories about his songs and played piano beautifully. I sat in the bar and watched people and had conversation with my Hubby. I spent a beautiful sunny weekend with one of my best friends and walked around London, ate street food (even ordered it myself!) and watched street performers do some amazing stuff (and gave them a fiver!).

I had an amazing time and I have a lot of fantastic memories and a few photos, but not many! We were active, we ate out a lot, and admittedly I am ready to eat salads for the next few days before we go away again.

It was incredible. So live in the moment, step away from your phone, your laptop, your tablet, your computer and go do, be, live. I highly recommend it!