Living in the Moment

Last night we went to London and saw Jason Mraz. I have liked his music since his first album, then as you do, things move on. His latest albums however, brought me back to him.

The messages in his music are something I need in my life right now. Don’t worry, live in the moment, be amazed and thankful for everything, everyone is beautiful and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

I made the decision to not even take a camera to London and I even put my phone away – for the WHOLE time he was playing. I didn’t take even one photo, update any social media statuses or think about what I was doing next week, tomorrow or even after the show.

I purely lived in the moment last night and it was beautiful.

It couldn’t come at a better time, when I’m stressed out because of other people and things I have no real control over the message I took away was very clear:

Let it all go. This is my life and I’m robbing myself of living it when I allow others to take something away from me, especially my happiness.

So this is my challenge… To live in the moment, love myself now as I am and no longer let someone else determine my happiness, self worth or confidence.

And love. Love my family, friends, myself. And the world around me. Enjoy the little moments that make me feel peace and not worry about sharing it with the world via the Internet but just enjoy it. When I’m older I will cherish those moments that aren’t ruined by worrying about telling everyone else what I’m doing.