We are the media

It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited-obsessed about new music. Most people have heard of Amanda Palmer. I knew kinda who she was but admittedly, never listened to her earlier music or paid a whole lot of attention until her kickstarter. This is why a lot of people I know have heard of her – basically she’s well, kick started the music industry with crowd funding.

I was pretty inspired by the whole project, the thought of making art WITH your fans/the public rather than with a company who wants to control everything is a pretty amazing thing. I love being a part of the process like this, it’s been a pretty cool thing to experience.

And that was before the album was even released.

I’ve had the album, Theatre Is Evil, for just over a week now. On repeat. Constantly. It’s been the only thing I’ve listened to since I first listened to it.

I’m addicted to this album. It makes me feel and I love when art does that.

Every time I listen to The Bed Song I cry. Every. Single. Time. Melody Dean makes me want to jump up and down, dance maniacally and smile like there’s no tomorrow. Denial Song reminds me of someone I used to know. Every song on this album has a story and they are all just … beautiful.

I’m sad I won’t be able to go see Amanda Palmer live while she’s on tour since she’s playing London during the week and I have no time off to go. I imagine going to one of her gigs would be an experience in itself.

But this is the beauty of crowd funding. The fans are made to feel a part of something and Amanda Palmer did a gloriously beautiful job of making everyone feel involved, even when we were only receiving email updates and watching videos online. I’m a part of this project and it’s pretty cool to see artists take a turn like this.

We can only hope it continues. That the music companies listen. That other artists listen. The FANS are the media. It’s no longer about hearing songs on the radio and watching videos on MTV (I can’t even remember the last time I saw anything music related on MTV, do you?).

Everything is out there all at once. Make the most of it! Carpe Diem!