Geekin’ Out

London Film & Comic Con is this weekend and we are making an appearance, of course.

I’m going purely to meet Chris Judge – Teal’c!!! <3 and there are a ton of guests this year, but I’m learning (not so easily) to restrain myself and budget hahahahaha.

Also on my list of must-meets are Jeri Ryan, Mitch Pileggi, Thomas Dekker and Anthony Head fo’ sho! Gates McFadden would be cool too – Wesley Crusher’s mum! 🙂

It’s a new venue this year, so we can only hope it’s not quite the debacle it was last year to get around to everything.

This is our third con this year and after this that’s it for us for the year.

I always have problems finding something to wear, but I think for once I’ve sorted it early!