January Roundup

Well 2012 so far has treated me well.

I’m still doing Insanity, on track to finish it this month! I’m loving it, actually. The challenge is pushing me and I love feeling my body tone up from all the work I’m doing. I am beginning to believe that the harder the workouts are the more I’ll get out of them and enjoy feeling good about myself because I’m doing something good!

My 2 goals for January are going okay.. I’m very close to being done importing all my CDs into iTunes… and I’ve been applying for jobs I find that I like, so fingers crossed!

For February – other than completing Insanity – I want to work on being more positive. At home and outside of work this isn’t a problem, but the environment at work is just horrible and well, let’s just say I’m not very nice sometimes and leave it at that.