Migraine, Migraine Go Away…

I’ve been quiet this past week, mostly due to migraines. Both Tuesday and Wednesday it was all I could do to come home from work and get straight into bed: no lights, no sound, just rest and hope the migraine goes away! I’ve been extremely exhausted this week, too. Possibly from overdoing … everything, which just made the week very hard and me very grumpy.

So I’ve had a bit of a break.

The last day I did Insanity was Monday, but I will be returning to it right where I left off on Wednesday – after my trip to Belfast with work. I did make it to the gym on Thursday for a workout and Abs class, went hiking with a friend in the freezing cold yesterday and dragged poor Hubby outside for some fresh air today along the canal as well! So I am getting exercise.

One of the views on our walk today

I came home Friday night after this crappy, crappy week and decided screw it and ignored the cleaning and washing that had to be done and instead had a drink and played Dragon Age 2. I really do enjoy DA2 and I haven’t even played the Mark of the Assassin yet, which was the whole reason for wanting it.

I was up early this morning, it’s rare for me to be out of bed before noon on a Sunday, so took advantage of that time to completely re-write my CV. I’m glad that’s now done and I am not thinking ‘Oh, I still haven’t done that!’.

So now, I’m off to make dinner – pork tacos yummy! – and then pack for my trip. I’ve had a nice restful few days this week, recovering from life, the universe and everything and can’t wait to come back from Belfast and then get back into Insanity. I’m now a week behind, but I will still complete it before the end of February!

Having Chevron 7.8 at the end of Feb is certainly motivating me to be active and eat right, to get as good a result as I can before I meet Amanda Tapping! *fangirl squee* 🙂

I hope all my readers have had a nice restful weekend!



One response to “Migraine, Migraine Go Away…”

  1. BillyDHowell Avatar

    I hope those migraines ease up. My boss swears that running a hot bath and sticking your extremities in the water helps. It didn’t seem to help me too much, but maybe it will you.

    Also, keep up the good work on your exercise and diet! I can tell from reading your blog that you are liking the results.

    Your fan,