Gone Sleepin’

Happy Saturday!

With my exhaustion yesterday, I was glad to be able to push through my workouts. Once they were done I managed to crawl upstairs and collapse in a heap on the bed and didn’t move for about an hour! I half slept, half rested, but was really grumpy from being over tired and dealing with a over hungry Hubby who was grumpy as well.

After a small dinner and some telly, we are working our way through the first series of Lost Girl – it is fantastic and I love Kenzi 🙂 – I was off to bed for a proper sleep! I woke up around 9am this morning and decided it was not time to get up, so went back to sleep. Both of us slept through until noon, you know Hubby is tired when he sleeps that late!

We ventured out today to see if we could find some clothes for Hubby… after a bit of lunch we headed to Next but he didn’t see anything he liked. The choices weren’t that inspiring 🙁 I saw a few dresses for work I’d like, but decided not to get any clothes and only bought the snood I have been lusting after for weeks. Talk about willpower! 😉 We finally found a small filing cabinet which should allow us to put our mountain of filing away, and the rest can be shredded.

Food shopping was quick, I love skipping the snack/crisp/alcohol aisles so I’m not even tempted. Only meat, veggies, fruit, juice and necessities! I don’t know why all the healthy food has to be so much more expensive than the crap, though. I am going to have to look into cheaper options for good quality veg and meat this year I think…

Today’s Insanity workout is now done, only the one today! While they are getting a bit easier, my legs suitably ache from this week’s workouts and I’m really going to enjoy my rest day tomorrow! Only one more week and then my first month is done, it’s gone by quick! Looking forward to the recovery week and then seeing what month 2 brings, I’m sure things will be stepped up quite a bit.

Now we’re off to wait for our Indian to be delivered and watch Sucker Punch!! I’ve been wanting to see it since it was in the cinema but we didn’t go.