Help, I’m Alive

Is it really April already? This year is just flying by and I appear to have been in my own little bubble for the past few months…

It seems I have been drowning in work lately and the project I’m working on just keeps dragging no matter how hard I work. I will be glad when it’s completed, hopefully soon! In the middle of all the work I managed to stress myself out so much I got ill with whatever cold/flu/infection of the week was going around at the time. Now tonsillitis is going around and I’m really hoping to avoid getting that. I keep hoping it’s one of those things like chicken pox, you only get it once? I don’t think that’s the case though 🙁

I finished my inspiration board months ago, I will do a proper post on that later. It sits next to my monitors on my desk and I can proudly say I successfully completed one of my goals on it already!

There has been a lot going on lately and I keep thinking about the blog and missing it, so I need to find time to do it more. I also need to plan out some topics!

For now it’s just a short update. Yep, I’m still here! Life has taken over and there have been things going on, both great and tragic, but I will be making time for this again – very soon!