Music is life.

I have a book which I have barely started reading. I’ve had it for a while now and it’s the book I end up taking with me to wait before my doctor appointments, which means I haven’t gotten very far. I’m eager to read it but just haven’t found the time.

The book is This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin. I haven’t gotten to the good parts yet, I am still on Chapter 3 or 4, but I think about the implications of music on our bodies, brains and emotions and how it shapes us as a person all the time.

I may have mentioned this before – I’m one of those people who could not live without music. I can’t imagine a world where there is no music, bands, concerts, singing, drums, etc. It’s such a huge part of who I am that I wouldn’t be me without it.

The music I love, that I really connect with, moves me from the inside out it seems. I love that. It’s like it’s always been there as a part of me, but now I’ve found it and we are reunited. It fills empty spaces and makes me more than just me -like when you meet someone and you connect straight away, on every level, and it’s like you were destined to know them and to be a part of each other’s lives.

My taste in music is seemingly random at times. I will listen to anything just to hear it and if it makes an impact on me it will be with me forever.

I love going to live shows because you feel the music, just don’t just hear it, you really feel it and you are with people who feel the exact same way and love it just as much as you. Everyone becomes the same then, and everyone is a part of something much bigger than just themselves for a while. And nothing is more important than singing your heart out and being in the moment.

Our whole lives should be like that. Living in the moment and connecting with everything around us.