Today was a great day. The perfect Autumn day, actually. Sunny, chilly and beautiful.

I had my hair done – roots and a trim – finally! Then I went over to Chippenham where I found some brown boots. Not the ones I originally wanted, but other ones, and they were £10 cheaper than the others. Result!

I did the food shop as well. I found loads of foods that I was really excited about, like pasta – tomato and chilli tagliatelle and squid ink tagliatelle! And scottish rolled oats. And chicken and broccoli crispy bakes, which are like fish cakes! I also got sweet potatoes and tomato soup. I also plan to make yummy soups myself.

Can you tell I’m ready for Autumn food?

I bought new books yesterday and a hat and gloves ready for the colder weather. Just need a coat!

Even though I’ve been shattered this week I managed to get loads of exercise in: 2 boxing sessions, 4 gym visits and a few walks. I am very pleased and will definitely keep it up. I have been battling headaches from hell, though and wish they would stop.

Next week I have an eye exam at the hospital. My optometrist wanted a second opinion due to some pressure readings, so I have to go through it again!