It feels like I haven’t posted in ages… Probably because last week had a lot going on.

I spent last weekend recovering from the girly night with friends, which was the best night I’ve had in a long time! You know it’s a good night when a boy ends up dressed up like a girl.

I managed to get to the gym 3 times (including early yesterday morning) and run twice, plus got a boxing session in.

I was social after work.

I booked tickets to see Band of Skulls in October!

I finally weighed myself and discovered I’ve lost almost 3 lbs in almost 3 weeks.

I managed to stay mostly within 1400 calories/day this week, without even paying attention.

I am feeling more confident about myself than I have in a very long time and it’s showing.

Oh and found out that Ben Browder is at London Film and Comic Con next month and SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! <3 him!

Overall, it was a really good week. I am hoping for a repeat this week. Looking forward to next weekend already when we have a visitor, one of Hubby’s friends from work who I’m very much looking forward to meeting!!

I’m feeling motivated and energetic and quite pleased with myself. I ache from working out, but it’s the good ache, when you know you are doing good things. I’ve noticed a huge difference already in my waist and legs and arms so here’s hoping I have great results on the 25th when I weigh after a month at the gym!