Looking Forward

I’m on a roll with lists lately. If you’re my boss you know I’m obsessed with lists, especially To Do lists (which I make but then completely ignore, except at work). Following my last post with my, er, To Do list for before my holiday I had an email from my bestie on the other side of the pond and then remembered that I wanted American Birthday Cake! So she kindly agreed that there would be an all-American blow out for me (yay!) and I need to decide what cake I want. That is the extremely hard part.

Anyway, I digress! I’ve been thinking of other things I’m very much looking forward to having/experiencing while I’m back home other than seeing my friends and family and eating lots of birthday cake (because those are the most important!).

  • Driving on straight, wide roads in the right (left) side of the car.
  • Proper Starbucks every 30 minutes, because by the time you finish the one you have you’ve arrived at the next one!
  • Shopping (although I don’t plan to buy a lot while I’m there), I still miss Target and proper shopping malls.
  • Yummy Mexican food that I haven’t had to cook and the men yelling ‘hot plate! hot plate!’ as they bring the food out!
  • Finally getting to see some of Boston and Philly.
  • Running with Lynette on the beach – this is why I’m training. I must be able to do a 10K by then!
  • Hopefully getting my first tattoo!
  • Waking up and being able to go out on the balcony and look at Va Beach. Man I miss that place.
  • Buying lots of new music that I find but could never get in the UK.

There are lots of other things, but that’s what’s on my mind for now. And now having written that list I’m motivated to run my 40 minute run tonight, despite being uber tired from getting up early and working out. I have 18 days until my weigh in, so every bit helps (and I’m being quite good food wise lately too!).